ALLFISH Work Program

ALLFISH 2010 Work Plan

Axis l. – Establishing A Sustainable Partnership:

Global Partnerships – Strategy for Long Term Industry Engagement:

How might ALLFISH operate in the long term, after Bank funding ceases?

Global Partnerships – Global Communications Plan:

How do we inform various stakeholders about the need for a new way of thinking about fisheries management and ALLFISH as a potential solution? In 2009, ALLFISH developed a logo, a brochure describing the Alliance for Responsible Fisheries and its objectives, and established this website. In 2010, ALLFISH will establish its Global Communications Plan.

Stakeholder Analysis:

Who is involved now in fisheries and fisheries management and who might be interested in working with the Bank and others to develop new approaches like ALLFISH? The 2009 stakeholder stocktake project resulted in a snapshot of potential partners as of December 2009.

Axis lI. – Developing Country Activities:

Capacity Building – Expanding ICFA Membership:

How do we engage the fisheries in developing nations in creating a voice for the fishing communities in governance? In 2009, ALLFISH communicated with seafood organizations in developing countries in Africa, Europe, Central and South America and Asia about the advantages membership. Identify Fisheries Improvement Projects:

How do we demonstrate ALLFISH will work in Wild capture fisheries? • Blue Swimming Crab Sustainability Project. • Lesser Sunda Sustainability Pelagic Fisheries Project. • Sustainable Octopus And Sardine Fisheries, Morocco (Under Development)Identify Aquaculture Improvement Projects:

How do we demonstrate ALLFISH will work in aquaculture? ALLFISH did not identify an aquaculture improvement project in 2009. Starting an aquaculture project is a high priority for 2010. A list of possible projects will be posted at this location on the website in 2010.

Axis lIl. – Building National and International Consensus and Codes:

Improved Governance Action Program – Managing Fisheries for Sustainable Income and Wealth Creation:

What are the measures of unique new ways of thinking about fisheries management and aquaculture that ALLFISH should consider? Seafood businesses depend on the environmental.